Stamp savings book Elwood Harrison Gross c. 1930s.

Miscellaneous Ephemera

Children would be encouraged to purchase stamps from school to support the government, the children's version of war savings bonds. - The cover is an ornately decorated paper sheet, with an image of an eagle holding the USA flag. "For the purchase of United States war savings bonds." - The first page, describing the rules for the book and the name for who the book belongs to - in this case, Elwood Gross. Affixed in the specified places are 'America on guard' 10 cent U.S. Postal Savings stamps. - Filled up to the $4.10 spot, these stamps are slightly different - they read "United States War Savings 10 cents" and have an engraving of a colonial looking man holding a rifle on it. - A short blurb describing the US Government's obligation to fulfill the value of the stamps.

Elwood Harrison Gross