Lakeland Cottages Burned

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Washington Post April 16, 1900 Page 9 Suspensions of Indignation - One House Blazes Up While Frist is Burning About 1:00 in the morning a nice unoccupied cottage in Lakeland was discovered to be on fire. While attempts were being made to save part of the building it another home about 300 yards away was discovered to be burning as well. It is believed that the fires were intentional. The residences had been vacant for weeks. Colored people were angry that they were unable to rent the homes as only whites tenants were welcome. The cottages had been built by Mr. E. A. Newman and were owned by a trust company located in Philadelphia. Both home valued at a total of $2,000 were insured against loss. A careful investigation of the fire will be made.

Edwin Newman
Lakeland Cottages Burned