Visiting Prince Much Pleased With His Visit

Newspaper Clippings

Evening Star May 29 1906 p 1 Will Depart Tomorrow- The Vising Indian Prince Much Pleased With His Visit. Tomorrow His highness the Maharaja Gaekwar of Baroda and his wife will leave Washington to go to Philadelphia. He described his time in Washington as “one of the most interesting visits in any city of any country”. After a two day stay in Philadelphia their highnesses will go to Boston then on to western states. During their visit in our region the maharaja gave a short address at National Park Seminary. The pair attended a dinner hosted by the French ambassador and Mme. Jusserand. He made a visit to the Smithsonian Museum and was given an automobile tour of various parks by Senator and Mrs. Elkins. They visited a reform school on Sunday morning accompanied by Shimont Sampatrao Gaekiyard. The group later visited the Maryland Agricultural College. President of the Aquarium Fisheries of Lakeland in Prince Georges county Maryland, Edward A. Newman took them to his facility for a visit. They seemed very interested in what they saw and had numerous questions. The maharajah said he had decided to establish a similar facility in India. The group next went to Luray caverns.

Edwin Newman
Visiting Prince Much Pleased With His Visit