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The Baltimore Afro American January 24, 1925 p3 Lakeland, MD On Sunday services were held at Embry AME Church at 10:30 and 11:30. Rev Turner preached at 11:30 and Rev Rhodes of Washington DC at 8 o'clock. On Friday night Oscar, Louis and James Gray had a party at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Gray. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. George Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moody, Bessie and Julia Mack, Eunice Johnson, Veola Siler, Sophia Slaughter, Rosa Harrison, Olivia Thomas, Bertha Lyles, Lucy Randall, Joseph Thomas, Charles Lomax, Rudolph Dock, Eonch Brooks, Ashby Tolson, James Thomas, Jeff Stevenson from Pennsylvania, and young Leon Robinson.

Julia Mack CarrollBessie S. MackGray FamilyArthur BrooksLeon RobinsonEunice JohnsonJoseph ThomasBen HodgesMrs. Arthur BrooksGeorge RobinsonMrs. George RobinsonJeff Stevenson
Lakeland, MD News