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The Baltimore Afro American April 21 1928 p 14 Lakeland, Maryland On Sunday at 10 am Sunday School took place at Embry AME Church. Rev. Jasper of Brentwood preached at 3 pm. He was accompanied by some of the members of that church. Rev Wing, Embry’s pastor preached his farewell sermon at 8 pm. Friday night there was a contest sponsored by the Federation of Women of Brentwood, Bladensburg, Hyattsville and Lakeland. The event was a benefit for the new high school. First Baptist Church had communion service at 3 pm Mr. and Mrs. George Gross Sr are celebrating the birth of a new grandson in New York City. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dory, Harriet Hughes, Beatrice Thomas, Hattie Thomas, Ferdinand Hughes and young Josephine and James Waters visited Baltimore on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. James Gray ad Mrs. Irene Clark hosted Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sellman of Contee Maryland on Sunday. Mrs. Contee is the sister of Mrs. Gray. On Wednesday evening Mrs. Ralph Conway gave a birthday party for her husband. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moody, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Alex James, Mr. and Mrs, James A. Gray, Mrs. Millie Jones, Noamlitha Hodge, Mrs. Henry Conway, Eunice Johnson, Gertrude Waller, Sarah Rollins, Joseph Thomas, Eugene Brown, Arthur Brooks, Earl Johnson and Louis Gray. The monthly meeting of the Parent-Teachers Institute took place at Brentwood AME Zion Church. Attendees from Lakeland were the president George Randall, Mamie Weems, secretary, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Mack with their daughters Bessie and Dorothy, Julia Briscoe, Ellen Briscoe, Mr. and Mrs. James Gray with their son Robert, Mary E. Johnson, Mary Brooks and Ambrose Green.

Revered J. W. WingRalph ConwayGeorge Randall 1Charles DoryGeorge Henry Gross, Sr.Mrs. Charles DoryHarriet HughesIrene ClarkBernice ThomasJames WatersHattie ThomasFerdinand HughesMrs. Ralph ConwayThomas MoodyMrs. James A. Gray
Lakeland, Maryland News