Lakeland, Maryland News

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The Baltimore Afro American September 24, 1927 p 16 Lakeland, Maryland On Monday schools opened. Attendance was good. On Tuesday several residents traveled to Laurel for the six-part joint school meeting. Attendees from Lakeland were Ellen Johnson, Ellen Briscoe, Mamie Weems, Chesley Mack, Cornelia Jiles, George Randall, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. James Gray. Mr. and Mrs. George Randall hosted the sister and brother-in-law of Mrs. Randall, Mr. and Mrs. McLeod from New York City. The list of sick in the community includes Hattie Burke, Eliza Bowie, Fannie Brown, Thomas Johnson, and James Singleton. Yesterday Bessie and Julia Mack returned to Bowie Normal School. Pauline Gray is back home after a two month stay in Atlantic City, NJ. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. John Spriggs made a visit to Thomas Greene who is ill in Crownsville, Md For the last week Georgianna Stewart has been ill. She is getting better. Last Sunday Benjamin Thomas was hurt when he was hit in the head with a baseball bat by his brother. He is unwell. On Friday night the Union Band of Lakeland will have a regular meeting at Embry AME Church.

Mary Elizabeth Johnson WeemsGeorge RandallChesley MackJohn C. JohnsonEllen Lomax BriscoeEllen JohnsonCornelia Giles
Lakeland, Maryland News