Lakeland Park Opening


At the end of the urban renewal process, Lakeland had its first park. Developed along the south side of Lakeland Road, it includes a pavilion, basketball and tennis courts, and a playground. There are trail links to Lake Artemesia, the Paint Branch Trail, and Anacostia trails. On opening day, July 30, 1983, participants came from all parts of the community to celebrate, including members of St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church, which had purchased the historic building that once housed Lakeland High School. Members of the church’s performance group posed with other event participants. In the rear are, from left to right, State Delegate James Rosapepe, Mayor Alvin Kushner, College Park City Councilmembers Joseph Page and Anna Owens, and event organizers Thelma Lomax and Michael Middleton.

Lakeland Park Opening