Real Estate Sales Contract, perhaps for the property on 5011 Navahoe Street in 1944 for Mary Tabbs (had a daughter named Janie)

Zoning Documents

A real estate contract between James A. Irby , Allen Mercer Wilkins and Mary P. Tabbs, the seller. Contains: - Legal details - the buyers paid in all $2500 for the house, in monthly installments of $50 after the first payment of $500; - Close up of the final signatures; - Page beginning a section with specifications for "labor and materials to be used in the construction of a [Lakeland] residence. ..."; - Financial guidelines; Constructional requirements; Excavation and concrete work requirements; Brickwork, carpenter work, and inside trim requirements; Stairway, flooring, lathing and plastering requirements; Hardware, painting, and electric-work requirements; Stairway, doors, lathing and plastering requirements; Hardware, roofing, painting and electric-work requirements; Heating requirements; - Final signoff sheet, finished by R. C. Archer Jr. on august 21 1935.

Mary Tabbs