"Campus eyes city for housing"

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The Diamondback September 15, 1976 Many pieces of Lakeland land were purchased by the Urban Renewal project. The University then discusses the use of Lakeland land for the expansion of their community housing through the Urban Renewal project. This idea is presented by the city community development director, Mr. Edwin Finder. In the meantime, some Lakelanders must rent homes from the city because of the Urban Renewal project’s purchase of their homes. Mr. Finder says that they are to be given first priority in the construction of new housing. At the same time, the Urban Renewal plan exceeded its budget of $5.2 million by another $5 million. The city requested $1.8 million in urgent need funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and was approved to receive it to complete the project. The request was sent to the HUD’s office earlier in the summer of 1976. Getting more federal money to complete the project was imperative and was a way to help fix the damage already afflicted on the neighborhood by natural incidents. Mrs. Hollomand part of the Lakeland resident's group stated opposition to the University's involvement in the project. She said the residents had need for new housing.

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"Campus eyes city for housing"