Photos from Myron Gray's days in the Air Force.


Photo of Airforce Unit Class on Aircraft Jet maintenence on an F-101 airplane in Amarillo, Texas, circa 1964. Gray served as an airforce mechanic for jets. This moment represented a graduation to the next level; afterward, members were sent to different bases around the country. Gray was assigned to a military base in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina between 1964-1965. Although the training group contains mixed-races, several members were from the northeast (mainly New Jersey) and "got along pretty well because for the most part others had attended a mixed-race school." Photo of training group names. A buddy jokes that "anything is better than Amarillo" is because the group was there in the middle of winter and surrounded by snow. Myron Gray's nickname was "Pop", given to him in Lakeland (by Pamela Boardley). The Gray family contains 13 children. Myron is the middle child, with 4 older sisters and 2 older brothers and 4 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers.

Myron Gray