Duchesses social club


In the 1940s and 1950s much of the organized entertainment in Lakeland was provided by social clubs. These clubs met monthly at the homes of the members. Dinners were part of the gathering and provided the host an opportunity to showcase both their cooking ability and their tableware. The Duchesses and the Counts social clubs sponsored an annual formal dance at Lakeland Hall and sometimes posed for professional photographs. The Duchesses social club was photographed here during their 1947 evening social event. They are, from left to right, Mary Walls Weems, Cecilia Brooks Stewart, Gertrude Walls Corprew, Evelyn Giles Tyner, Florence Wethers, Martha Edwards, Pearl Brooks Briscoe, and Eliza Gray.

Eliza GrayMartha Greenleaf EdwardsEvelyn Giles TynerMary Walls WeemsFlorence Wethers LeeGertrude CorprewCecilia Brooks StewartPearl Brooks Briscoe
 Duchesses social club