1973 installation of Dervey Lomax as Mayor


After serving several terms as a member of the College Park City Council, Dervey Lomax was elected mayor of College Park in 1973. The event marked a milestone for the citizens of Lakeland, as he was their first native son and the only person of color to have been elected to that high office. His installation was an evening of celebration. Present for the ceremonies were the following, from left to right: (seated) Etelka Lomax, the mother of Mayor Lomax; (first row) four members of the Lomax Sisters singing group; Charles Lomax, the father of the mayor; Mayor Lomax; his wife, Thelma; and their son Gregory; (second row) William Lomax, Vera and Phillip Matthews, Valarie Smith, Delores Dotson, and Charles Dory.

Phillip "Billy" MatthewsThelma Lomax Dervey LomaxGregory LomaxEtelka Johnson LomaxCharles LomaxCharles "Baby" DoryVera MatthewsWilliam LomaxValarie SmithDelores Dotson
1973 installation of Dervey Lomax as Mayor